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About Max Fit Meals

Kris Spencer Owner of Max Fit Meals - Before and after picture

Kristoffer Spencer is a Santa Cruz native and the founder of Max Fit Meals, Max Fit Sports Nutrition, Max Fit Apparel, and shopmaxfit.com. He has over a decade of experience in all facets of the Industry. Lifting weights and changing his body was something he has always been passionate about; first from a performance aspect for sports, then from a physique perspective after sports.

Max Fit Meals is a meal prep and nutrition store in Salinas, CA and Monterey, CA. It is an extension of his passion for providing the right amount of nutrition, in deliciously prepped meals, for living a clean and healthy lifestyle. He feels that eating healthy doesn't mean bland, boring or limited options. Therefore, he incorporated flavorful gourmet options like tri-tip and salmon. He even introduced an organic line of prepped meals.    One of his many mottos is: "food for the soul and fuel for your workouts". He preaches this mantra to his team and customers because he deeply feels that Max Fit Meals is not just a healthy choice but a lifestyle that is based on results and convenience.

When Kris Spencer set out on his journey to compete against the corporate giants in nutrition he vowed that he would give his customers something that was lacking in the industry. Great knowledge-based service that exceeds the expectations of the customer! Customer service would not only be the foundation of his companies but the driving force that would propel him to be the trusted authority in the health and nutrition community. He knows that if you can create a compelling experience then customers will talk and give their personal account of it. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.   

Absolute Dedication and Commitment to having the LOWEST prices and best customer service around has been the cornerstone of his business model and he believes that this is what has helped the companies growth over the years.