We’re All About Attainable Health

Attainable: able to be brought about or reached successfully

MaxFit Meals was founded in March of 2016 in response to a lack of healthy food options in Monterey County. Owner Kris Spencer grew tired of hearing fitness buffs groan about the time and energy required to prepare meals with the right size and macros.

Our Story

MaxFit Meals operates with a single mission – To Make Health Attainable for YOU – and we’re fanatical about bringing that vision to life. You’ll find proof in the deep flavors of our dishes, in the care we take to curate the freshest meal ingredients, and from the love of customer service that helps us provide memorable experiences for every customer, every time.

Our meals are designed to support YOU in reaching your health goals, whether that means losing weight, or staying active between graveyard shifts. We make clean eating easier so your health fits into your busy lifestyle.