Reality Check

The Truth About Meal Prepping Is…

Meal prepping is all the rage. Hell, we have managed to build a successful and scalable business on it. But there are a few things you should know before you take the plunge into meal prepping at home. So stay tuned from some tips from the experts here at MaxFit Meals.

It’s ALL in The Preparation. 

No pun intended, but to be successful, you need to have a solid plan. A solid plan is more than just a few recipes and grocery lists. You will need to make sure you have the correct utensils, tools, and storage. Sharp knives, different sized pots, pans, cutting boards, and storage containers are all a must. So think past just the food. Remember, this is something that you will be doing at least once, if not multiple, times per week. It pays to be over-prepared.

Not Everything HAS To Taste The Same.

If your idea of successful meal prepping is chicken breast and brown rice, you should go ahead and prepare to eat junk food in a few weeks or less. People look forward to “cheat” meals because they satisfy our taste buds and cravings. Use that to your advantage. So go beyond salt and peppers. Look into low sodium seasonings, low-calorie condiments, and sugar-free add-ins. 

A quick tip: Mustard is sugar-free and adds a ton of flavor. 

Cheat Meals Are A Fallacy

There are many blog posts, youtube videos, and web pages with recipes out there. So there is no reason to cut out your favorite foods. Variety is going to help you stay successful in your meal prep journey. Just add the word “Healthy” to the beginning of every search you do and bask in the glory of the 10 million hits that your search term brings. These meals will also help you stay away from the fallacy that cheat meals are necessary to keep on track.

Quality Containers Make The Difference

Earlier, we mentioned having the proper tools for prepping. But most people overlook one of the most important aspects of meal prepping—the containers. Purchasing higher quality, reusable, microwaveable, containers, has a few advantages. Typically these containers are designed to save space in refrigerators and lunch boxes. Also, they will hold their temperatures more efficiently. More importantly, you will take pride in these containers and take care of them. Wash your containers at the end of each day and store them for your next prep day so they are ready to go. Also, reusable containers are better for the environment.

Cheat Happens. Don’t Dwell On It.

If you do find yourself munching down on a cheat meal, get right back to your meal prep diet on the very next meal. Don’t fall into the mind trick that you will get back to your diet on fill in the blank. Just get right back on and don’t look back. Don’t beat yourself up. Life is about learning from mistakes, missteps, and failures. But a cheat meal is nothing more than a meal. Let it go and move on.

Water IS The Final Puzzle Piece. 

This is the oldest known fact in the known world. But we have to mention it because not drinking enough H2O is asking for failure in your meal prep diet. Water helps keep you full longer, keeps your cells hydrated, aids in digestion, and, well, the list is too long to put here. Just do it. There are a million different water intake suggestions out there. But around the MaxFit Meals Headquarters, our workers aim for a gallon a day.

There are The Six Truths About Meal Prepping from the meal prep experts at MaxFit Meals. 

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