5 Healthy Prepared Meals To Try

When life gets busy, taking the time to cook a meal may not be an option. While it is tempting to grab whatever fast food option is available when you get a spare moment, you don’t have to sacrifice nutrition for the sake of time. Discover great options for healthy prepared meals that you can have delivered right to your home. 

Why Try Healthy Prepared Meals?

For busy professionals with fast-paced jobs, restaurants and takeout food quickly become a staple. Unfortunately, no matter how health-conscious you might like to be, you can’t create more hours in your day to spend on meal prep and cooking.

The unfortunate truth about frequently eating out is that the meals you consume are likely packed with too many calories in addition to lots of sodium and other ingredients you’d likely be better without. An unhealthy meal is generally the result regardless of whether you opt for a dine-in restaurant or fast food. 

What Are Healthy Prepared Meals?

Think of healthy prepared meal options like an upgraded version of packaged food from the grocery store or takeout from your favorite restaurant. They’re made with nutrition and your well-being in mind. Convenience is key with these options, which are prepared, packaged, and shipped to hungry customers. 

5 Healthy Prepared Meals To Try

Healthy doesn’t equal boring and flavorless. The following are just a few of the many delicious prepared meal options you can try. 

1. Wraps and Burritos

If you need something to eat on the go, you can’t beat a wrap or burrito. With options available for every meal, there are choices for low-carb and high-protein diet goals. 

2. Protein-Based Main Courses

Straightforward and delicious, a perfectly seasoned and cooked protein option such as chicken paired with a vegetable or rice is hard to beat. Make sure to choose healthy prepared meals that have never been frozen so that they will taste fresh and delicious. 

3. Tasty Bowls

Who doesn’t love a meal in a bowl? These meals generally include delicious veggies protein and a sauce over rice for a quick and satisfying meal. When properly prepared they are healthy as well as easy to eat.

4. Health-Conscious Pasta

While pasta dishes can be some of the least healthy options at most restaurants, that need not be the case. You can enjoy a filling and delicious pasta dish while still staying within reasonable calorie limits with options like carbonara and spaghetti

5. Basic Options To Build Your Own Meals

In addition to purchasing completed meal options, you can also buy staples such as cooked vegetables, rice, and protein by the pound. This is great for those interested in fitness, as they allow you to build your perfect meal based on your specific goals while still eliminating the need for cooking time. 

Ordering Your Healthy Prepared Meals

At MaxFit Meals, we can provide you with any of the options discussed above and more. All of our healthy prepared meals are chef-curated and we are transparent about calories and nutritional content. Sign up for a subscription or try one of our meals individually today!