What Healthy Meal Prep Can I Do for the Week?

How often do you plan your weekly meals? If you have not made a habit out of doing so yet, now is the perfect time to change that. There are numerous benefits to incorporating healthy meal prep into your life. Not only does it make dinnertime much easier, but it also saves you significant time and effort in the long run.

Preparing for Healthy Meal Prep

When you first begin brainstorming healthy meals to try, consider everyone in your household and what types of preferences you are working with. With that said, do not be afraid to introduce something new. Think about what ingredients you already have in your cupboards, too.

Cooking Ideas To Try

If you are trying to think of ideas for healthy meal prep, there are many resources out there. In fact, you might find yourself overwhelmed with meal-prepping information and recipes. For this reason, it might be best to start out with only four or five go-to recipes until you get comfortable with regularly prepping meals.

1. Stir-Fry

Regardless of your tastes, you cannot go wrong with a stir-fry recipe. As one of the most flexible options for meal prepping, stir-fry recipes offer numerous ingredient choices.

2. Mixed Berry Smoothies

Another healthy option for meal prep that involves less cooking and more blending is a mixed berry smoothie. By prepping the ingredients ahead of time, you can easily prepare a smoothie in the morning.

3. Breakfast Burritos

If you like the thought of having food ready in the morning, another meal prep idea to try is a batch of breakfast burritos. Because these freeze so well, you can make dozens at a time that will last for two weeks or more.

4. Mason Jar Salads

Nothing says healthy meal prep quite like a salad, but what about a salad inside a mason jar? By preventing your salad from getting soggy before you eat it, a mason jar provides the perfect container for prepping and packing all of your salad ingredients.

5. Taco Bowls

Another healthy idea is throwing together some seasoned ground turkey or beef, along with diced tomatoes, brown rice, black beans, corn, sautéed veggies, cheese, salsa and a lime wedge. Then, put it all in a bowl to create a delicious taco bowl. It is a great recipe for prepping in advance.

Making Healthy Meal Prep a Habit

Healthy meal prepping works best with consistency. In other words, you need to do it more than just once or twice a month. When it comes down to it, the success of meal prep depends on your ability to build healthy habits and incorporate them into your daily life. With meal prepping, you can do this by finding ways to make it easy and then rewarding yourself when you finish.

There are many benefits to making healthy meal prep part of your regular routine. The best part is that you do not have to learn about it all alone. Contact MaxFit Meals today with questions about meal planning and ingredients.