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What Is the Best Weight Loss Meal Prep To Do Every Day?

Healthy living is essential, but you don’t want to spend all week trying to figure out what to eat for every meal. What is the best course of action to take when you want to eat well and spend minimal time preparing food each day? Consider weight loss meal prep as a way to solve your nutritional needs.

The scientific community is beginning to study the effect meal planning and prep have on diet quality, food variety, and body weight. A strong correlation shows that meal planning is associated with a healthier diet and less obesity. Here are the top five things you can do daily to help you in your weight loss plans, no matter how busy your week looks.

1. Wash Your Produce Right Away

A common guideline given for eating healthier is to “shop the perimeter” of the grocery store. With the increase in online grocery shopping, this advice is quickly becoming more of a metaphor. The premise still remains the same: you should aim to fill your grocery cart with more fresh foods than pre-packaged ones.

Many fresh foods are ones that grow in the ground. They have already been prewashed before arriving at the store, but there are still remnants of their earthy growth, and they pass through many hands before arriving in your refrigerator or pantry. It is very important for your health to wash your fruits and vegetables before consuming them; therefore, washing is an important weight loss meal prep routine to get in the habit of performing.

How close to eating should you wash your produce? You could rinse it directly before consumption and call it good, but for ease of healthy eating, washing in large batches can be helpful. You can clean an entire package of fruit right before eating only a portion of it, or you can tackle all the produce as you unpack your grocery sacks. If you are washing something that is more apt to break down after getting wet, such as berries or herbs, thoroughly dry them before storage.

2. Chop and Store Your Items

After all those delicious, colorful fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly as part of your weight loss meal prep, you will be ready to store them. Try chopping them right away so you can quickly and easily choose a healthy snack when you’re hungry. Each item should be cut in a way that achieves maximum storage time and minimum hassle when it’s time to eat.

Onions, Peppers, and Celery

Playfully called “The Holy Trinity” in Cajun and Creole cooking, these three vegetables are a great addition to any meal where you want a savory and flavorful dish. To prepare the trinity of veggies for your cooking, dice them uniformly and store them together in the freezer. Then, when you get home from work, you can quickly add some veggies to a skillet and have a delectable base with which to begin your healthy dinner.

Apples, Oranges, and Bananas

The top three fruits found in cafeterias and corner stores around the country already have a long shelf life. However, when considering weight loss meal prep, you can lengthen the life even further by chopping them and getting them ready to eat in meals and snacks faster.

Apples can be sliced or chopped and then tossed in lemon juice to prevent browning. Store them in the refrigerator after cutting. Oranges can be peeled and split apart for an easy grab-and-go snack later in the morning. Bananas can be chopped and frozen for a quick, healthy, and delicious addition to your morning protein smoothie. Bananas are also a fruit that begins to brown and break down once peeled and cut, so it’s best to keep them whole if you want them for a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up. 

Other Fruits and Vegetables

There are many other veggies and fruits that can be cut and stored ahead of time. Things like pineapple, carrots, lettuce, and cantaloupe are wonderful foods to prep early for ease. Other foods, such as potatoes, herbs, and cabbage, may lose their freshness too rapidly when pre-chopped. When in doubt, you can always try it and see how cutting the fruit or vegetable ahead of time affects both your ease in eating it and its storability. Be sure to follow the Food and Drug Administration guidelines for safe produce storage, no matter if it is whole or sliced.

3. Repackage Your Meals

If you know what your weight loss meal prep will be ahead of time, repackaging your groceries to be all together in one meal group can be a fantastic way to prep your food. Any pantry items that will be an addition to the meal can be organized together and labeled. You can even put the seasonings you will use all in one receptacle to make your own flavor packs or sauces. Always keep raw meats in a separate package from the other foods.

4. Cook Your Weight Loss Meal Prep Items

A large portion of your cooking time is usually in heating the main protein source. Whether that is cooking up a cut of meat or pressure cooking a pot of beans, this takes time. One way to save time and eat healthier is by cooking in batches. It can be something as simple as doubling the amount of meat you make for your meal and freezing the other half or taking a day once a week to cook all the proteins you’ll need for the week ahead. Either method will help you eat healthy during your busy days.

5. Try a Premade Weight Loss Meal Prep Plan

Finally, if you are so strapped for time that even the most simple timesaving weight loss meal prep is overwhelming, consider purchasing premade meals. You’ll want to look for ones that are made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Consider subscribing to a meal delivery service like MaxFit Meals for even more savings and easy healthy living. You can contact us with any questions you have about our products. We guarantee our curated meals will give you more time to spend on activities you enjoy and a pathway to healthier living.

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